" Great Marketers spend every working day dreaming and building new Creative, to get past the brilliant "Creative" they launched the day before."

It's a noisy world.  And it's all about "me" + "i".
It's 2015 ...engage me fast, or leave me now.

Smart Creative is the place to start. But the pathway through the noise and clutter is -
     • Being
     • Using Fascination
     • Building with Repetition
     • Remaining Consistent

Enter the Power of One. Me, to you. You to One. A conversation that matters to them, and to me too.  1:1 Variable Data Publishing creates opportunity to "get through".

"e" or Paper, KiTS builds marketing campaigns driven by Big Data, the bigger, the deeper, the better.

1:1 means your marketing can have multiple messages to different relationships, all in one campaign, all with a common goal – supporting and building incremental sales opportunities.

You're a Server Hosting company - Segment the influencers within client companies to build advocates. Message the President about your reliability factor. To the CFO, speak of the cost advantages your firm delivers. Share a top-level tip with the MIS; and to the Chief Programmer, short list 3 active to-does. Right, Relevant communications from you, to one, all in one single campaign.

You're a Realtor. Don't send tips on snow shoveling to someone living in a condo apartment. Do talk to past client about validated success, and to friends and family as just that friends and family.

Using the power of VDP you can talk to, market to, people how you know'em, about things that interest them.




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