1:1 Variable Data

We envision it.
We write it. We design it.
We code it. We produce it.

We build relationships that keep on going.

KiTS - each output just as unique.

Engage with Relevance

Today, it's all about "i" and "me". Generic is gone.  If you, as advertiser are not relevant to 'me' the target - edit, click, into the bin.

KiTS Awarded Best of Best

KiTS Wins Xerox Best of the Best Award for Self Promotion Marketing at drupa 2016

Want Referrals?

Build MindShare! Don't hope. Instead, pick a spot on 'their' brain and communicate to it, consistently, using relevance & fascination.

Feedback -

Hi KiTS Team, thank you for my October newsletter.

As always - very well written AND I particularly like how you explained the new mortgage rules. Great detail, and still understandable.

KiTS, keep up the great work, and please keep my KiTS mailer referrals coming.

Cheers, Randy
Re/Max Agent

From a ReMax Agent

So the first newsletter went out and I heard from two people on my contact list who went out of their way to say that it was the best real estate newsletter they had ever seen.

Thought you should know that. Congratulations to you and the gang at Kitspak. 🙂


From a Client of a KiTS Client about the KiTS VDP Calendar

This year I received at least 16 calendars.
I kept only one.
Thanks for the one you sent, it's way cool!

- Peter

If the KiTS System wasn't making me money -
I wouldn't still be paying [for it].

Delivered with a "grin" -

KiTS works! Agents talk about having a referral business -
I've built one using KiTS.


Kits is an innovative marketing company .....How do they differ from the competition?
While maintaining your look and branding, they deliver unique pieces with recent, relevant information. They allow you to create different mail out groups according to their interests - for example condo owners, house owners, renters. And most of all, it is easy and saves me time from trying to do it all myself!
I use Kits as part of my ongoing database communication, and my clients love it.


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